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How to Build a Balanced and Satisfying Meal

One of the keys to good nutrition and actually feeling full after eating is to aim to eat meals that are balanced. But what does that mean? What does a well-balanced meal consist of anyways? Read this post to find out how to build a balanced meal from a Registered […]

Food Shaming: What It Is and How to Respond

Has anyone ever made unwarranted, negative comments about your food or eating habits? These comments are examples of food shaming and this post will teach you how to respond and shut down the food-shamers with confidence. What is food shaming? The act of food shaming is to judge someone’s food […]

Why You Shouldn’t Diet in 2020

As a dietitian, I’m sharing my evidence-informed opinion on why you shouldn’t diet in the new year. I also share some practices you can adopt to have a healthy 2020 and beyond! Happy New Year, everyone! It’s a new year and an entirely new decade. With a new year comes […]

Ditching the Diet Mentality During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But with all the food, conversation, and New Years right around the corner, there is often talk of dieting, guilt, and pressure to avoid “holiday weight gain”. As a non-diet dietitian, I’m sharing how you can ditch the diet mentality during the […]

5 Tips for Enjoying Exercise and Moving More Intuitively

Does the word “exercise” make you happy or make you want to groan? Often times exercise is only associated with dieting, but it’s much more than that! Today I’m sharing my top tips to help you start enjoying exercise and learn how to listen to your body and move it […]

A registered dietitian gives her opinion on Halloween candy restriction and how to encourage mindful consumption.

A Dietitian’s Opinion on Restricting Halloween Candy

I give my dietitian opinion on Halloween candy and how to navigate it’s consumption with your kids. We can use Halloween as an opportunity to explore mindful, intuitive eating and promote positive relationships with food. It’s that time of year! Halloween is almost here, so kids are getting their costumes […]

What does healthy even mean these days? I discuss why I was afraid to use the word and how I'm reclaiming it.

Reclaiming “Healthy”

What does healthy even mean these days? I discuss why I was afraid to use the word and how I’m reclaiming it. For the longest time, I tried pretty hard to refrain from using the word “healthy” as a descriptor for my blog and my recipes. Why? I did this […]

This post discusses the beliefs behind diet culture and how to start ditching diet thoughts and improving your relationship with food.

What is Diet Culture?

You’ve likely heard the term diet culture online, but do you know how to spot it? I’ll walk you through the definition of diet culture, how to recognize it in your life and how to begin to dismantle it. These days, we hear the term “diet-culture” discussed all the time […]

Intuitive Eating

What is Intuitive Eating? An Introduction

You’ve probably heard of intuitive eating, but do you know what it is? Today we’re talking about the origins of intuitive eating and giving an introduction into what it means to adopt the intuitive eating model. I recently recognized that while intuitive eating is something that I discuss often on […]