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Balsamic Grilled Veggie Wrap (Vegetarian)

A simple and healthy yet super flavourful Grilled Veggie Wrap filled with balsamic marinated grilled vegetables, goat cheese and hummus. Makes a delicious healthy lunch or dinner recipe! If there’s some sort grilled veggie wrap or sandwich on the menu at a restaurant, I will order it! I just love […]

These Adult Lunchables are easy, filling, and high in protein. They're great to meal-prep for quick, easy, and healthy packed lunches. Who says lunchables are only for kids anyways?

Adult Lunchables 3 Ways

Sometimes we just don’t have the energy to prep elaborate lunches for the workweek. These 3 Adult Lunchables are easy, filling, and packed with protein. They’re also super tasty! Who says lunchables are just for kids anyways? What is an Adult Lunchable? Do you remember “lunchables” back in the day? […]

Healthy Tuna Salad with Hummus

This healthy tuna salad makes a filling, easy lunch or snack. Instead of mayonnaise, we’re using hummus and adding celery and red onion. You can serve it on its own, on crackers, sandwiches or toast. It’s a delicious dairy and egg-free tuna salad. Where are my tuna salad fans at? […]

Vegan Peanut Noodle Salad

This vegan Peanut Noodle Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing is packed with flavour + protein and fibre to keep you full. Perfect as a side dish or lunch throughout the week! Let’s hear it for Spring! The sun is shining, the temps are warming and I’m into it. As we […]

How to build an epic vegetarian sandwich that tastes good and keeps you healthy and full!

How to Build an Epic Vegetarian Sandwich

With the increasing popularity of plant-based eating, there’s no reason why our sandwiches can’t be more plant-based too. This post will walk you through how to build the most epic vegetarian sandwich that’s high in protein, nutrition and that satisfaction-factor we need to feel healthy and fuelled.