If you’re looking for an easy and healthy cold summer treat, you’ve come to the right place! These homemade fudgesicles are creamy, delicious, and high in protein thanks to nutritious ingredients like Greek yogurt. They’re so easy to make, and the whole family will love them!

DISCLAIMER: This post was developed in partnership with the Dairy Processors Association of Canada, however all opinions are my own.

homemade fudgesicles on ice

If there’s one nostalgic summer treat I love, it’s fudgesicles. You may know them as frozen fudge bars, fudge popsicles, or fudge pops. There’s nothing like cooling off with one on a hot summer day!

These Homemade Fudgesicles are a more nutritious take on the boxed varieties, thanks to the use of high-protein Greek yogurt. They’re basically healthy chocolate yogurt popsicles! I also like to call them my protein fudge pops. 🙂 Some more of my favourite healthy summer recipes include 3-Ingredient Mango Lime Popsicles and 2-Ingredient Protein Popsicles.

The recipe requires only 4 simple ingredients (plus a pinch of salt) that you probably already have on hand. They’re also easy to make – In fact, the hardest part is waiting the 4 hours for them to freeze! But let me tell you, the creamy, nourishing, and decadent-tasting result is well worth the wait.

fudgesicles ingredients

Healthy Homemade Fudgesicle Ingredients:

To make this healthy recipe for chocolate popsicles, you’ll need:

  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Milk
  • Cocoa powder
  • Pure maple syrup
  • Vanilla extract
  • Salt (just a pinch – optional!)

Why Use Greek Yogurt?

As a dietitian, I’m such a big fan of Greek yogurt. It’s nutritious, delicious, and super versatile. I use it in so many different kinds of recipes.

In this particular recipe, not only does the Greek yogurt contribute to the smooth, creamy texture of the fudgesicles, it also offers major nutrition benefits. This is because dairy products like Greek yogurt are high in vitamins and minerals that many Canadian adults do not get enough of: magnesium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, Greek yogurt is also high in protein, offering approximately 17 grams per 3/4 cup serving. Protein is important for all individuals, especially those who are active, as it helps to support various body functions, including muscle growth and recovery.

What Else Makes These Homemade Fudgesicles Healthy?

These homemade fudgesicles are made with only 4 (5 including salt) simple ingredients. In addition to the super-nutritious greek yogurt, I also used dairy milk in my recipe. Similar to Greek yogurt, milk offers important nutrients that Canadians need to lead a healthy life.

Using dairy milk and Greek yogurt means we’re getting even more of those important nutrients that, as I mentioned, many Canadian adults do not get enough of.

healthy homemade fudgesicles on ice

Are The Fudgesicles Gluten-Free?

You bet! These homemade fudgesicles are totally gluten-free and vegetarian.

How to Make Healthy Chocolate Popsicles:

This recipe is really (like, really) easy make.

All you need to do is add all of the fudgesicle ingredients to a blender and blend them together until well-combined and no greek yogurt or cocoa powder clumps remain.

After this, divide the mixture evenly amongst your popsicle molds (I use these ones) and freeze them for a minimum of 4 hours.

Then, if necessary, run the molds under hot water to remove the chocolate popsicles from the mold and enjoy! It’s that easy!

How to Store the Fudgesicles:

This recipe makes approximately 12 fudgesicles. To store them, you can either leave them in the freezer in the popsicle molds, or remove them from the molds all at the same time and keep them in a freezer-safe container up to 3 months.

healthy chocolate popsicles

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healthy homemade fudgesicles on ice

Healthy Homemade Fudgesicles with Greek Yogurt

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  • Add all fudgesicle ingredients to a blender.
    homemade fudgesicle ingredients in a blender
  • Blend until smooth and well-combined. There should be no clumps of yogurt or cocoa powder.
    homemade fudgesicle ingredients blended in a blender
  • Pour chocolate mixture evenly into freezer-safe popsicle molds and freeze for a minimum of 4 hours.
    homemade fudgesicles in popsicle molds
  • If necessary, run molds under hot water to remove chocolate popsicles, then enjoy!
    healthy chocolate popsicles
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DISCLAIMER: This post was developed in partnership with the Dairy Processors Association of Canada, however all opinions are my own.