I’m sharing some my favourite simple and easy ways to practice self-care every day. You deserve it!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While it’s a wonderful time to shower those around you with love, it’s also a great reminder to show yourself some love too!

Self-care doesn’t always have to be luxurious spa days and mani/pedis. While these things are great, it’s safe to say they’re not realistic for all of us on a regular basis. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive, and it also doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

So today I’m sharing some super simple, easy ways that you can show your mind and body love through self-care every. damn. day. Take a peek and see what might work for you!

Easy Self-Care Activities to do Daily:

Drink a glass of water when you wake up.

After sleeping all night, when we wake up were dehydrated. Aiming to drink water when you wake is a great way to hydrate before the day even starts.

Wash your face before bed.

Come bedtime, we’re all exhausted. The thought of standing in the bathroom washing our faces seems like an impossible task, but it’s worth it! Remove all the dirt and oil from the day so you can get up tomorrow feeling fresh.

Moisturize – apply some lotion or body oil!

Dry skin is so common this time of year, carry a mini hand cream in your purse or in your bedside table so you remember to moisturize!

Light a candle or diffuse essential oils.

There’s just something about a burning candle that makes you feel zen and cozy. It’s easy to light one in the morning when you’re reading the news or when you’re chilling at night.

Throw on some makeup or style your hair.

While neither are necessary, but if you’re not a huge makeup person like me, sometimes a swipe of mascara or running the curler through you hair helps you feel more ready to take on the day.

Follow uplifting, inspiring accounts on social media. Mute/unfollow the others.

Good vibes only! If they’re bringing down your mood, unfollow or mute them.

Start your day with positivity.

Incorporate some positive in the morning! Set your alarm to an upbeat song, or listen to an inspiring podcast on your commute to work.

I'm sharing some my favourite simple and easy ways to practice self-care every day. You deserve it!

Eat a fruit or vegetable.

We all have days where our meals aren’t as nutritious as others – and that’s OK!! But eating at least one helps contribute to your fibre and nutrient requirements.

Take a short break to sip coffee/tea, eat a snack, or just breathe.

A moment to decompress always feels good. Even if it’s five minutes of quiet for a snack at your desk!

Have a private dance party!

Whether its in your car or in your room, breaking it down to a favourite song is an ultimate stress-reliever.

Power down electronics 30-60 minutes before bed.

Let your body know it’s time for bed! Turn off your tech and start to wind down.

Give/receive a hug.

Spread the love!

Practice gratitude.

Write down a few things you’re grateful for in the morning or at night. Focusing on the good helps you feel good!

Move your body.

Take a walk. Stretch. Dance. There are so many benefits to regular movement, like boosting mood, reducing stress and regulating digestion.


Sometimes looking out for ourselves by writing a to-do list or penciling in important dates is the self-care we need to avoid stress or panic later on!

Try these Easy Self-Care Tips!

I hope this post inspires you to incorporate more small acts of self-care into your daily routine. It really can make a difference! Let me know which one you plan on trying in the comments below.

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