Hannah Magee RD


Eat Unconditionally Intuitive Eating Course to help you find food freedom and love your body.

The Eat Unconditionally 7-Day Mini Course:

This 7-day mini course was created by Hannah Magee RD and Olivia Biermann of Liv B to introduce the concept of intuitive eating and liberate your mind from diet culture beliefs and societal expectations around food, your body and healthy living.

Hannah and Liv will guide you each of the 7 days via video recordings, handouts, and unlimited support in a private Facebook group. Each day you will complete tasks that empower you to ditch the diets and make choices out of self-love and kindness to your body.

We want to encourage you to question perceived notions about health, wellness, eating and the diet culture system of beliefs. Ultimately, we will help you find freedom from rules, restrictions and the diet mentality in order to foster a positive, loving relationship with food and your body.

The first course will run over a set 7-day period and will be conducted via private Facebook group.

The course has a definitive start and end date because we want to be available to you throughout the week to provide the best support possible, answer questions and be there for you! Since everyone will be participating at the same time, you will have the opportunity to to connect and communicate with others all week long.

For more information or to register for the next course cohort, send an e-mail to [email protected]