2020 Nutrition Trends: A Dietitian Reviews

Wow, what a year. As a registered dietitian, I’m always interested to look back and reflect on the health and nutrition trends each year. So let’s take a look – and review – some of the most popular trends in nutrition from 2020! Nutrition Trends in 2020: Intermittent Fasting I […]

Food Shaming: What It Is and How to Respond

Has anyone ever made unwarranted, negative comments about your food or eating habits? These comments are examples of food shaming and this post will teach you how to respond and shut down the food-shamers with confidence. What is food shaming? The act of food shaming is to judge someone’s food […]

Foods for Osteoporosis Prevention

How California Prunes should be the snack of choice. Osteoporosis Month might be coming to an end but thinking about our bone health doesn’t haven’t to stop! 2 million Canadians are affected by Osteoporosis, and 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer a fracture related to […]

The Role of Vitamin D on Your Health

What is the role of vitamin D on your health? How does it support the strength of your bones and immune system? Which foods contain vitamin D and…should you take a supplement? Let a dietitian weigh in! DISCLAIMER: This post was developed in partnership with Jamieson Canada, however all opinions are my […]

The Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar

Is apple cider vinegar really the fountain of wellness? Does it really do all the things people claim it does? Like boost metabolism, burn fat, aid digestion and more? Are there any risks to consuming it? Let’s find out the truth about apple cider vinegar from a registered dietitian (me!). […]

Eating Healthy on a Road Trip

As a dietitian, I have several tips for eating healthy on a road trip. From which snacks to pack, where to store your cooler, and how to prevent bloating on long road trips, read on to hear my tips! I love a good road trip – especially in the summer! […]

What is the Health Halo Effect? In this post, I'll introduce you to this common nutrition and wellness phenomenon and share some examples you may have already experienced in your daily life!

The Health Halo Effect: What is it?

What is the Health Halo Effect? In this post, I’ll introduce you to this common nutrition and wellness phenomenon and share some examples you may have already experienced in your daily life! Have you ever assumed a product was the “healthier” choice because it was labelled low-fat? Or gluten-free? Or […]

Healthy Drink Ideas to Quench Your Thirst

Here are some hydrating, healthy drink ideas from a Registered Dietitian to help you quench your thirst and feel your best in the summer heat. Disclaimer: This post was developed in partnership with Florida Citrus, however all opinions are genuine and my own. As the temperature outside heats up, more […]

A dietitian's tips to help you fuel properly and recover more efficiently from your runs. Including what you should be eating and drinking before and after your runs.

Nutrition Tips for Seasonal Runners

Today I’m sharing my top nutrition tips for runners, including how to fuel properly and recover more efficiently from those hot, sweaty runs. The post has been developed in partnership with Florida Orange Juice however all opinions expressed are my own. The emergence of warmer temperatures, sunny skies and greener outdoors is often […]

Collagen Supplements: Real or Hype?

Are collagen supplements really all that the wellness industry make them out to be? What even is collagen and what does it do? Let’s see what the research says! Collagen supplements are really popular right now. Health and wellness gurus enthusiasts will claim taking collagen powder holds a long list […]