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Image of a dietitian reading a book, text reads "How to Compliment Weight Loss - Tips from a Registered Dietitian"

“Have You Lost Weight?” – How to Compliment Weight Loss

“Have you lost weight?” may not be the compliment you think it is. In this post, we’ll discuss the best way to compliment someone on weight loss (hint: you shouldn’t) and why. “Have You Lost Weight? You look great!” Has anyone ever said this to you? Or maybe you’ve said […]

14 Easy Self-Care Activities to Try Daily

I’m sharing some my favourite simple and easy ways to practice self-care every day. You deserve it! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While it’s a wonderful time to shower those around you with love, it’s also a great reminder to show yourself some love too! Self-care doesn’t always […]

5 Tips for Enjoying Exercise and Moving More Intuitively

Does the word “exercise” make you happy or make you want to groan? Often times exercise is only associated with dieting, but it’s much more than that! Today I’m sharing my top tips to help you start enjoying exercise and learn how to listen to your body and move it […]

What does healthy even mean these days? I discuss why I was afraid to use the word and how I'm reclaiming it.

Reclaiming “Healthy”

What does healthy even mean these days? I discuss why I was afraid to use the word and how I’m reclaiming it. For the longest time, I tried pretty hard to refrain from using the word “healthy” as a descriptor for my blog and my recipes. Why? I did this […]

Healthy Travel Tips & Chicago Highlights

Last weekend, Pat and I had the opportunity to travel to the city of Chicago! The company he recently started at hosts an annual team-building event in the city and family/S.O.’s are welcome to attend. Well, you didn’t have to tell me twice! Chicago has been on my bucket list […]

What Happened When I Stopped Setting Diet-Related Resolutions

Oh January – the time of year that ourtimelines are flooded with motivational quotes to set us up for the next 365days. I won’t lie; I definitely feel a surge of inspiration in the first weekof January, if not all month long! But if you’re anything like me, you’ve alsobeen […]

Your Guide to a Happier and Healthier Holiday Season

Hello DECEMBER! It’s the last month of the year and officially the holiday season. With both of those things in mind, I know that December can come with both motivation and inspiration to finish the year off on a positive note, to spread good, generous vibes, and to make beautiful […]

Wellness Tips for University Students

It’s back to classes this past week for university students! As we know, back to school in college or university doesn’t just mean back to long days of classes and evenings spent in the library. For some, it also means back to living away from home, sticking to a budget, […]

Workplace Wellness 101

I recently had the opportunity to speak on a panel at a corporate wellness event in Halifax. While I was a speaker at the event, I also learned some things and took home some important messages. So I figured I’d combine these with some of my own top workplace wellness […]