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About Hannah Magee, RD


My name is Hannah, and I’m a Canadian media and consulting dietitian, food and nutrition blogger, writer, speaker, podcaster, recipe developer and content creator. I wear many hats in my business but if one thing rings true – it’s my passion for food, self-care, and making taking care of you something you look forward to.

As a Registered Dietitian, I approach food and nutrition from a non-diet lens. I believe that all foods fit, I believe in fostering positive relationships with food, and that weight and body size do not determine your health status.

I’m oh so passionate about evidence-based messaging, busting diet bullshit (yes, I said it) and helping my communities discover the joys of eating and living without rules, restriction, or obsession.

What You’ll Find on hannahmageerd.com

Here on my blog you’ll find simple and delicious recipes, evidence-based nutrition and wellness content, and lots of debunking of nutrition myths and diet culture BS.

I’ve loved cooking and baking from a young age – my parents are both fabulous cooks! I’m so happy that I can use my knowledge of nutrition and food to bring you recipes that are nourishing for the body and the soul. Just like my eating pattern has no label, my blog doesn’t either. Here on my blog you’ll find heaps of plant-forward recipes as well recipes with animal ingredients, too. You can also find “healthy-ish” recipes and traditional ones. I like to do it all!


I earned my Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition with distinction from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and went on to complete a Professional Master’s Diploma in Dietetics from Ryerson University in Toronto. I completed rigorous dietetic training at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital – one of the city’s leading acute-care centres. I currently live and work on the East Coast of Canada.

A Little Bit More About Me

When I’m not working, you can find me… enjoying my favourite forms of movement, snuggling my family’s rescue dog Bella, laughing with my fiancé Pat, or hanging at the beach in the summer!

I’m a Type-A introvert. While I love being outgoing and spending quality time with friends and family, my energy comes from my “me time” reading, journaling, organizing, or just chilling out at home.

My last meal on earth would be… Bagels, a rich and creamy pasta dish, pizza, aaaand Cheetos.

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