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Hannah Magee is a Professional (Registered) Dietitian and Nutritionist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Currently, Hannah works as a Clinical Dietitian in rural Nova Scotia in addition to providing private nutrition services online and in the Halifax area.

Hannah earned her Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition with distinction from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax and went on to complete a Professional Master’s Diploma in Dietetics from Ryerson University in Toronto. She completed her rigorous dietetic training at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital which is one of the city’s leading acute-care centres. Hannah has since brought her professional nutrition knowledge and training back to Canada’s East Coast.

Hannah believes in a non-diet approach to nutrition and that all foods fit into a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Hannah is passionate about disseminating evidence-based nutrition information, sharing nourishing and delicious recipes, and helping individuals discover the joys of eating and living well with ease – without rules, restriction or obsession.

Hannah has nutrition experience in many areas not limited to clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, child and family nutrition, geriatrics, digestion, diabetes, and chronic disease management. To learn more about how Hannah can meet your individual or organization’s needs, click here.